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Qualifications & Areas of Expertise 

Efthymios Foteinos was born in Athens in 1989. He has studied Integrative Counseling and Integrative Personal and Group Psychotherapy at Athens Synthesis Center. He also studied Massage at Natural Health Science in Athens. He studied Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for 3.5 years in the UK, at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (Kingston University).

He is a holder of:

Acupuncture BSc Hons LicAc (Kingston University)

European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP)

Diploma in Integrative Counselling (COSCA)

Diploma in Deep Tissue Massage

Diploma in Ayurvedic Massage

Ευθύμιος Φωτεινός Θεραπευτής Efthymios Foteinos

He believes that continued development of knowledge, skills and techniques is of utmost importance as well as personal and professional improvement. 

Furthermore, Efthymios Foteinos has attended a great number of seminars in Eating Disorders, IVF and Fertility, Addiction and Substance Abuse, Grief, Musculosceletal problems, Transactional Analyis, Gestalt Therapy and others.

He has worked privately and voluntarily in Greece and England with hundreds of people. 

Our approach on Health

Health is sometimes defined as the absence of any disease. I believe that Health is a complete physical, mental, emotional and social state of flourishment, where one is happy, functional and without anything holding them back. However, in the present day this sounds difficult to achieve. My definition of an healthy person is one who has no physical pain, who knows how to support and take care of themselves, who sleeps well, their internal organs function properly, with a life that they find meaningful, have a few good, deep, true relationships of the heart. Ultimately with a good understanding of themselves and feel content.

In order to heal, one needs to first realize what the problem is and accept its’ existence. Then, to identify how it manifested and affected one’s welfare. ​

Treating the root of an imbalance usually helps to release multiple signs and symptoms that stem from it, in the physical body, our emotional and mental health. I believe strongly that those three aspects are interconnected. ​

I treat people as exactly that, people. There is a tendency these days in treating a symptom, like a pain. I try and assist my clients in restoring their health, focusing on their well-being, working with them in all three levels, physical, emotional and mental.  

Health flourishes when body, mind and emotions are in balance. To restore this balance, I use various skills and techniques that I have studied and experienced, in psychotherapy and counselling, massage and my knowledge in Chinese medicine.


Body, ideas and feelings are connected. How many experience pain in their stomach or head, or muscle tension that is caused by stress, which then makes one be in a bad mood. 

However, when issues are chronic, it can become much more difficult to connect the dots.

Especially when one is in pain, physical, mental or emotional, it is hard to have clarity. That exactly is the point where myself or any therapist can help.

Having the knowledge needed and a clear, neutral point of view can make the difference. 

Nevertheless, my philosophy is that I can help, assisting one to heal, but I cannot heal them myself. 

One needs to commit in healing. After finding what’s causing the issue, changes may need to take place (dietary, habitual etc.) and then, it is the person’s choice if they will follow this road or not.

There is a great saying from the ancient Chinese texts, saying “Same Ben, Different Biao. Different Ben, same Biao”.


Ben is the root/cause of a disease and Biao is the manifestation.

Thus, I enjoy meeting and treating different people and I believe that everyone is unique, always though I keep a great interest in the interrelation between mind, body and emotions.

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