What to expect during a session?

In the first appointment I will need to make a full traditional diagnosis. That involves talking about your main and secondary complaints, but I also ask many questions about your history, your sleep, your eating habits, digestion and others, to help form the best diagnostic map for you. Then I will ask to feel your pulses and have a look at your tongue. 

After that, I will need to palpate certain points to check for tenderness and after that I will perform the first treatment, which might involve some of the skills and techniques mentioned above.

The first appointment lasts usually around two hours.

During the following appointments, we begin the appointment talking about your progress and what you need help with that day. Then, I take your pulses and look at your tongue and then I carry out the treatment. 

You might need to remove some of your clothes, but you will always be covered by blankets or a treatment gown, leaving only the area that I need to work on accessible. 

Sometimes redness and bruising might come up from Cupping, Gua Sha or Tui Na, that usually last between 3 and 7 days. This means that an anti-inflammatory action is caused in the body, that fresh blood is flowing in the area and most of the times it alleviates symptoms quite fast. 

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