Addiction: Is it the problem or the symptom?

We all have addictions. Some affect us only a little in everyday life, while others reduce our functionality significantly, to the point that they make life difficult for ourselves and those around us. We tend to see our addictions as problems that need to be solved. But are they? Are they the problem or a jure they just the symptom of a problem?

When we are children, we run and play carefree. At some point we will fall and hit. Immediately, we look at the caregiver (usually our mother) and ask for care, hugs, caresses. We are in pain and we are asking for something to help us feel better.

The mechanism is exactly the same.

Addiction means escapism.

There is a trauma that causes pain.

When we are in pain, we rarely look for the cause in order to cure it. Most people, we just want a painkiller, to stop the pain and get back to normal. The trauma remains, however, often the inflammation worsens, the infection spreads. As a result, the painkillers increase, become stronger, in order to have an effect.

It does not matter what our addiction is.

It can be food, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, substances, sex, shopping for items or clothes. It could be our work or video games. Books can still play this role and help us escape to imaginary worlds.

What is important is to find, what are we running away from?

What is the cause of our pain?

It is important to want to face our issue, face ourselves, so that the issue is resolved, the wound is cleaned, healed. So that we can get to know us better and become our best friends.

If this process, this journey, is something you would like for yourself, psychotherapy is a way.

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